Shoulder Mount Pricing:         
Deer                    450.00                      
Antelope             450.00  
Elk                       800.00                      
Coyote                250.00     
Black Bear          550.00
Bobcat                300.00                  
Coyote                300.00
          ***Open mouth add 100.00  
                Shop fees $50 an hour
   Lifesize Pricing:                                                                          
Cougar                2000.00                                                               
Bobcat                 500.00                                           
Badger                 500.00                                                                
Coyote                  500.00                                                                  
Pedestal Mount:
Bobcat     350.00
Coyote     350.00
Bear         550.00
Deer         550.00

Antler Mount:
      Deer        $125
       Elk          $200
European Mount
       Deer       $150
       Elk          $250
Bear Rug  $200 per foot
        six to nine month return
Fish Pricing:
Skin mounting   $16 an inch
Reproduction     $20 an inch


Terms: A non-refundable  50% deposit is required before any work begins. The balance is due upon delivery. Many factors can have an effect on the taxidermy process and all work shall be done solely at the Customer's own risk. Any orders remaining unclaimed for more than 30 days following a notice of completion, shall become the property of the propietor and may  be disposed of in accordance with the applicable laws.