Quick return
Are you tired of waiting a year for your mount to be finished. Bring your trophy to me and it will be ready to be picked up in 30 to 90 days.
As a thank you to active Military I will give a ten percent discount.
Shoulder Mount Pricing:                                Fish Pricing:
Deer           450.00                                               Skin mount $16 an inch
Antelope    450.00  
Elk               900.00                                               Reproduction $20 an inch
Coyote        250.00     
Black Bear  550.00
Bobcat         300.00                                               Shop fees 50.00 an hour
Coyote          300.00
                                      ***Open mouth add 100.00  
                                                                           ​Antler Mount:
   Lifesize Pricing:                                                                 Deer 100.00           
Cougar        2000.00                                                               Elk     150.00
Bobcat        500.00                                            European Mount:
Badger        500.00                                                                 Deer   150.00
Coyote        500.00                                                                  Elk       250.00

Pedestal Mount:
Bobcat     350.00
Coyote     350.00
Bear         550.00
Deer         550.00

All Tanning is accepted at the owner’s risk. We have no control over any skin prior to our receiving it for tanning. Many factors have a definite affect on the final results of the tanning, such as primness, time of year, climate conditions and the care given in the field. Occasionally a skin will not tan or goes to pieces in the tanning process due to improper handling before delivery to us, or some defect in the skin for which we have no control. For these reasons, we cannot assume any responsibility for offer any guarantee for the tanning of any skin.  If the hide is prepped and tanned and the hair slips the owner will receive his deposit minus tanning fees and shop fees. 
Any mounts not paid for and picked up within 30 days after notification of completion are property of Fins and Fur Taxidermy. Unless other arrangements are made. 
​Bear Rug      ​200.00 per foot
​Six to nine month return       ​